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Teacher Professional Development

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Teresa Oswandel
Email | (800) 691-4000


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Teacher Professional Development
Teacher Professional Development
Space Foundation TRAINING
Mon, June 24, 2024 — Fri, June 28, 2024
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Join us for a week-long project-based educator professional development workshop that will inspire, educate, and empower educators through the power of STEM learning. Participants will receive tools, resources, and materials that are adaptable to any learning environment.  

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June 24, 2024 @ 6:00 pm
Space Foundation Headquarters and Discovery Center
4425 Arrowswest Dr
Colorado Springs, CO  USA
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Course A: Biology -- Physical and Emotional Impacts of Long-Term Space Flig …
Course A: Biology -- Physical and Emotional Impacts of Long-Term Space Flig …
25/27 LEFT $ 375.00 
Monday Jun 24, 2024 @  08:00:AM — Friday Jun 28, 2024 @  05:00:PM

Space is harsh. From the physical impact on the human body, to mental challenges from isolation, astronauts on long duration missions will face many challenges in this unforgiving environment. Yet just as students and teachers have persevered through a variety of unexpected challenges, so do scientists and engineers as they study the impacts of space travel on the human body. Their findings will change life both in space and on Earth as we prepare to go further than ever before. 


During this Space Across the Curriculum course focused on grades 6-12, participants will discover the effects of microgravity on the human body, looking at a range of areas from immunology, the brain, bone density, and the cardiovascular system. They will engage in hands-on lessons and a culminating project, all of which are aligned to the Next Generation Science and Engineering standards. Participants will also learn about mental health challenges, looking at the impacts of isolation and handling stress when in the confines of spacecraft, and learn ways to introduce these topics to students through communication and teamwork challenges. In addition, educators will discover the ways space agencies all around the world are utilizing innovative new technologies in order to train the most diverse group of astronauts to date.

Course B: Beyond Books -- Cosmic Classroom Connections
Course B: Beyond Books -- Cosmic Classroom Connections
27/27 LEFT $ 375.00 
Monday Jun 24, 2024 @  08:00:AM — Friday Jun 28, 2024 @  05:00:PM

Space Foundation's PreK-3 Space Across the Curriculum course has been reimagined to embrace STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) principles, emphasizing the interdisciplinary nature of education. This program is tailored for Early Childhood educators who seek to ignite the curiosity and creativity of the next generation of innovators through inquiry-based learning.

During this NGSS aligned course, instructors will guide teachers through a series of age-appropriate, hands-on activities that can be immediately incorporated into their classrooms. With literacy as the catalyst, even the youngest explorers will embark on an exciting journey to discover the world around them, bridging small steps and giant leaps in their understanding of science and the arts.

One of the course's most exciting features is the culminating project, which underscores the power of interdisciplinary collaboration. Teachers will be encouraged to create children's books that fuse science and art, allowing them to share their creations with their peers. The goal is to bring this collaborative book project to their classrooms, giving students the opportunity to either write their books independently or collaborate as a class, tailoring the experience to the grade level of the learners. This project will not only inspire a love for learning but also promote the vital skills of creative expression, critical thinking, and team collaboration. 

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